Arternative Media is a local Bakersfield media, and marketing firm composed of local artists. Arternative Media is not a mega-agency with more clients than solutions to serve them, nor are we an upstart "€œvirtual"€ agency that can'€™t service your range of needs, we are your local neighbor with solutions. Sitting in long, redundant meetings or going through countless PowerPoint presentations all day is not our style. Arternative Media are doers who want to create great marketing and media solutions. While not all of our ideas see the light of day, our people have the tenacity to come up with more ideas, which equal better solutions that give our clients the leg-up.


About us



  We use both sides of our brain. Arternative Media understands the delicate balance between the art and science of marketing. Our artist brain tells us that for outreach to be successful, the message has to strike a chord with the audience. Powerful imagery, captivating words, and sleek design are what we'™re about.
At the same time, our left-brain tells us that design without calculated purpose is doomed from the start. That'€™s why each project we take on involves careful strategic planning, well-organized content and messaging, and an emphasis on the end-user experience. It'€™s not "€œForm vs. Function"€ , the two work in harmony.


  We’ve built our foundation on time-tested marketing principles. If someone tells you they can create effective marketing any other way, they just aren’t doing it right. We don’t shoot from the hip – we take the time to collaborate with our client and walk a mile in their shoes to understand their objective so that we have the insight to create the best plan possible for them. It’s how we ensure their vision is properly executed every time.

The Arternative Artist


  Sam Lingle, Arternative Medias director, artist, and owner and Bakersfield native has been creating in various medias since a very young age. Born to two talented artists, Sam found himself with countless art supplies and free lessons as a child. Sam creates in many medias such as charcoal, pencil, oil pastels, etc, but prefers oil on canvas, and old urethane sign lettering/painting on various mediums. When Sam is not creating he is most likely with his family at Judo or Jiu Jitsu, or working on a classic car or truck. Educated in the fine arts, computer graphic design, and holds a bachelors degree in business marketing. Working for several large industrial manufactures as the international marketing and art director, Sam learned a large amount about cultural demographics and communications. Throughout Sam'™s career he continued to create art, and freelance graphics and marketing services until creating Arternative Media and going full time. Sam understands the demographics of Bakersfield locals better than any other agency, as well as the importance of retaining and keeping business local. 


The Arternative Solution


"Mr. Sam Lingle at Arternative Media is spot on when it comes to creating a logo that not only fits your image perfectly, but remains an instant classic. He works his best to help the non-creative business folk. Just sit back and let him do his magic! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

- Freddy L @  Bakersfield Skate Guru



"Sam,is an awesome artist! Very talented, pays attention to details,he's always gone above and beyond expectations."

- Adam Miller @ A1 Auto

"Sam did a great job on my band logos for The Iron Outlaws. He made them about 7 years ago . The design is timeless and we still use them today on our merchandise. They're great.  I'm having Sam build our web site now . Great work!"

- Danny Garone @  The Iron Outlaws